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AMAZING TREES -- Alma, Wisconsin

31 Jan 2014 17:28

Driving County Road E from Main Street in Alma, Wisconsin to the top of the bluff is a favorite drive for visitors as they head towards Buena Vista Park or Danzinger's Vineyard & Winery. 

Next time you make the drive take the time to find one of our favorite photo spots in any season.  It takes a long time for nature to grow trees so tall they dwarf the house. 

This fall photo is from a different angle but the same house just as you make the last turn on County Road E to climb the bluff.  House is on the left.

OLD HIGHWAY 35 -- Depot Hill, Alma, Wisconsin

21 Nov 2013 13:23

Old State Hwy 35 Heading South Into Alma & Down Depot Hill (1918)
In 1918 State Hwy 35 was part of a series of local travel ways that became the Wisconsin Great River Road in 1938.  Heading south into Alma, this photo is of the road on Depot Hill leading down into town.  Today this is Riverside Drive known locally as "Stump Town".  River views from this vantage point were deemed the best in Buffalo County. 

Many local folks don't remember Depot Hill.  Alma's train depot was lost when it was hit by a train.  A major Hwy 35 project in 1935 blasted a new roadway out of the hill and placed it between the train track and the bottom of the hill.  Memories are lost as places change.

Old State Hwy 35 Heading Up Depot Hill Prior To 1935 Road Project
Today as you leave Alma heading north along the Mississippi River, with the hill to your right, follow Riverside Drive as it veers to the right up Depot Hill and Old Hwy 35.  There are quaint barns and structures from the 19th century as well as new homes.

Winter Barn Scene From Old Hwy 35, Mississippi River In Background
The road ends at the intersection with State Hwy 37.   Turn left and within a few feet you are back to Hwy 35.  Turn right and you'll follow the Buffalo River valley to Mondovi (one of the prettiest drives in Buffalo County) ... but that's another story.


18 Nov 2013 17:54

The Blue Door Inn in Alma, Wisconsin is located in Buffalo County.  While the Inn is on the beautiful Wisconsin Great River Road, some of our favorite drives are along the county's rustic roads that are less traveled .. this is Oak Valley Road.

OAK VALLEY ROAD, Google Map:,+Fountain+City,+Buffalo,+WI&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x87f90f654da88455:0xd13a7650e1a4720a,Oak+Valley+Rd,+Fountain+City,+WI+54629&gl=us&ei=QrF7Upv-KcXuyQGz9oGABA&ved=0CCsQ8gEwAA


18 Nov 2013 17:48

The 2013 season at the Blue Door Inn has come to an end, we'll reopen Spring 2014.  eck out our 2014 specials at  2014 lodging reservations made before May 1st will be honored at our 2013 rates.  2014 rates will take effect for reservations made after May 1st.

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